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AKA Yet another list

Updated September 26, 2014

Here is a brain dump of available resources from the web (that I know of) which has to do with UX Design and related disciplines. I am obsessed with collecting any material that I can get my hands on.

If you know of resources that you’d like to share, please leave me a comment on this page and I’ll include it on this list. Thank you!

Getting started

How to get started in UX
So you want to become a UX Designer?
UX crash course
USER Psychology crash course
UX apprentice
Ebook about getting started in UX $18
UX Book club Los Angeles
UX Intensive by Adaptive Path This happens every year.  Closest one is this September for UX week and December for UX immersive.  You’re looking at spending -/+$2,5k.
UX Coaching by Whitney Hess Pricing unlisted.
So you wanna be UX Designer  Part 1 / 2
IA institute mentorship
General Assembly Full-time Immersive / Part-time I’m taking the part-time class now which costs about $4k.  I’ll probably write a review soon. The full-time class is expensive even with financing options – looking at $9,5k.  But I heard good things about it from Crystal Ehrlich, whose opinion I respect.
UX Online Course $199
Lean UX Workshop with Jeff Gothelf $79.99
Coursera: HCI Course
IA crash course
Design thinking crash course

Best practices

13 UX designs startups should not overlook
Lean UX Manifesto: Principle-driven Design
UX best practices
Agile + UX
Big picture and prototyping
The fold
UI logic
Testing with 5 users
UX Mastery


It’s a great time to be a UX Designer 60 mins
UX as strategy 26 mins
Demo Usability Test 25 mins
Fundamentals of UX 47 mins
Design Studio method 28 mins
Right way to wireframe 2 mins
UXier 24 mins
Play UX rugby 27 mins
Persona Research and Design 44 mins
Design Org Model 20 mins
Fight for better experience 9 mins
Content, design, pedagogy 24 mins
The Simplicity Imperative 28 mins
Data informed not data driven 30 mins


Product Design /  Service Design/ Product management
What it takes to become a superb service designer
It’s the experience that matters

UX tools & other resources

UX books
Nick Finck’s Top UX books
Smashing UX Design: Foundations for Designing Online User Experiences
Web form design: filling in the blanks
Usability treasure trove
UXPin I’m a big fan of this.  I use this for work sometimes.
4 Essential UX resources
UX Tools
Flat Design UI kits
Design practice Portfolio builder
Silverback: Usability Testing
App store approval/rejection guidelines Rule of thumb to get your apps approved.
User voice Big fan of this.  This is a great way to conduct UX research.
A book apart Not just UX but all around resource for web awesomeness.
Happy Cog courses SASS, HTML5, CSS3 bulk course for $99.

Thinking about Design

Practical Typography
5 questions / 100 designers  I simply love this.  Very straightforward interviews with design thinkers.

Thinkers I follow (coming soon)

Jared Spool
Peter Merholz
Don Norman
Geremy Good
Golden Krishna
Kim Goodwin
Nikki Sylianteng

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