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Hi! My name is Kim and I’m an Agile Coach.

What can an Agile Coach do for you?

If you are new to Agile methodologies, an Agile Coach like me can help you navigate its concepts and practices through:

  • training via workshops and presentations.
  • coaching leaders and teams aimed at improving the processes and overall agility of your organization.
  • facilitation of events that puts Agile concepts into practice.
  • consulting on strategies, frameworks, and techniques that help uncover solutions and other accountability measures.
  • organizing communities of practice that enable thoughtful and innovative discourse.
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What are the benefits of Agile?

If you’re interested in building a culture of engaged and innovative teams in your organization, leveraging Agile concepts and its methodologies will help unlock that.

According to a report, Agile offers benefits in several areas, as many companies report that agile increases software quality and team productivity while lowering costs and time to market (Harvard Business Review, 2016).

An organization that commits to Agile and its principles, leverages a deep body of knowledge that are tried and tested, such as: lean product development flow, organizational psychology, design and systems thinking, DevOps, mob programming, and other modern management practices.

In my experience, such an environment enables psychological safety, innovation, continuous learning, ownership, sustainability, and self-efficacy.

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Kind words from people I’ve worked with

“Kim is an excellent coach with teams. She recognizes systemic and context problems as well as those forming from within team interactions. And then does a good job at enrolling people to address those problems.”

Arlo Belshee, XP Coach and former colleague at Tableau Software

“Kim is a positive, self-driven and result-oriented leader who can be consistently relied upon to provide thought and team leadership. Kim is expert in transitioning teams to Agile.”

Neha Tiwari, Agile Program Coach at Eliassen Group

“Kim sets the definitive tone of a strong, empathetic team leader.”

Clay Levering, Director of Product Management at Pluto TV

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